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On the Set

May 22, 2021

Lab Theater Project's Executive Producer and Founder, Owen Robertson, interviews Hector Melendez-Figueroa, playwright for Lab's Current Production, "The Wendy House" running May 6 - 23, 2021, at 812 E Henderson Avenue in Ybor City. Visit for more information. 

On Demand Tickets for The Wendy House Available until May 30th.

A young Latinx resident of Tampa, playwright Hector Melendez-Figueroa sits down with Owen for a deep dive into the antithesis for the "The Wendy House" and the value of Project Greenlight, a Lab Theater Project 12-week course that will take your idea from inception to a completed draft. See more at

About LAB Theater Project

LAB Theater Project is a non-profit 501(c) 3 production company focused on producing new works in the Tampa Bay Community. The belief in a “playwright first” focus is resolute and a core value of the company. Along with a focus on developing new works, LAB Theater Project also focuses on training new theater artists to join the growing theater community in Ybor and the Tampa Bay Area.

LAB Theater Project was named Critic’s Choice for Best New Theater Company in 2017 by Creative Loafing, and has also received the 2018 50/50 Applause Award from the International Centre for Women Playwrights.

More information may be found at